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By meshing Eastern and Western training theories together Brian (Seraiah) Wood is leading the industry in innovative ways to access true potentials of the Mind, Body and Soul. Living a healthy life, training and teaching are life-long passions and very personal forms of self-expression.

Born a natural athlete with many gifts and abilities he advanced in many sports at a young age, but it was wrestling that led him to compete in Division 1 athletics and receive his Bachelors Degree (Exercise Physiology) from the University of Wyoming (1995-2000). He was 1999 Western Athletic Conference Champion (#165) and in 2000 was Ranked Top 20 in the USA (Division 1A).

To fulfill his college internship he was led to Gold's Gym in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where he studied under Program Director and Head Trainer, Sharyne Herbert, for six months. This was both educational and inspiring as he learned much about teaching and training as well as enjoying a new cultural experience out of United States.

He then received the both CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) and CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) Credentials through the world highly respected and accredited National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Moving down the Pacific Northwest Coast he found himself in Portland, Oregon, where he found himself training at Mavericks Sports Club, which had a Yoga Studio and Group X training room. He found his love and respect for Yoga and Meditation and found the missing link to his training both for himself and for clients and knew there was more to training then what he had experienced thus far.

After 2 years in Portland he moved back home to Arvada, Colorado, and began studying Chinese Qigong and the respected Taoist and Buddhist Meditations. Reuniting with his former high school wrestling coach, Jim Hafke, he found himself as Assistant Wrestling Coach at Arvada West High School (2004-2006) and Head Wrestling Coach for Arvada West Youth Club (2004-2007) which averaged 50-75 kids ages 4-14.

In 2007, he Founded and opened Next Level Sports, which focuses on training athletes from youth to professional and has group martial arts and fitness classes is working with the best instructors and innovators in their respected fields.

His quest for knowledge led him to China in 2008. There he studied the ancient Chinese healing system known as Qigong, which is the foundation of Tai Chi, Martial Arts and Acupuncture. Along with Qigong he was able to train in traditional Shao-Lin Kung Fu.
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The subconscious creates hidden vaults and holographic storage space for our emotional repression and subliminal conditioning. We as human beings search for ways to evolve but many are steadfast in their commitment to self-abuse and the belief that the pain is something so engrained that they would rather keep close to misery than to put in the time and energy to consciously change. The ego is entangled in a myriad of memories that serve not the highest purpose for the individual but rather the path to discontentment and disdain for life.

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"Brian helped me in all aspects of my game, especially in my mental game. Through meditation and breathing techniques I really learned how to stay focused on and off the field. As for physically, I became 10 times stronger and more flexible than I ever have been before. I gained 4 MPH on my fastball and my endurance was enhanced tremendously through the intense but gratifying training that Brian put us through."

- -Jeff Nadeau (Wheat Ridge Farmers)
Baseball: 2007 League Champions / State Runner-Ups
2007 1st Place – Arizona Spring Break Tournament
2007 2nd Team All-Conference - Pitcher
Baseball Scholarship – Eastern Arizona College