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"This letter is written in reference to Brian Wood, who has served a Practicum and or Apprenticeship in Wellness Counseling, Personal Training & Fitness Evaluations. I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Brian and he has been a true representation of what Fitness Training and lifestyle counseling means. Brian's eagerness to get involved in GOLD'S and his willingness to learn has enabled us to utilize his many skills in both practical training and personal counseling. Our members constantly comment on Brian's enthusiasm, free spirit and personal attention he gives them."

- Sharyne A. Herbert
Programs Director - GOLD'S GYM
North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"Brian Wood is a serious, dedicated and reliable worker who is well respected by both the members and the staff. His conscientious, knowledgeable and sensitive approach with the members was greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend Brian and would certainly want to hire him if he ever decides to return to North Vancouver."

- Roy Baumgartner
Owner and Manager - GOLD'S GYM
North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"If your are serious about reaching your goals then Brian Wood is the definitely the trainer you want to have working with you. Let me tell you how he helped me. Before I started training I weighed 215lbs with a body fat of 29%. After two and a half months with Brian he helped me drop 5lbs., which doesn't sound like much until you take into account that my body fat had dropped to 20%. Which means that I actually lost 17lbs. of fat and gained 12lbs. of muscle. Not only is Brian an excellent trainer, he is a good person. He will take your goals on personally and keep you motivated throughout the your routine. Motivation is the key for a lot of people. I know it was for me."

- Ryan Looper, Denver, CO

"Before I started Training with Brian Wood I was always tired and run-down with no energy to complete even the most mundane of daily tasks. Just last year I had tried to ski but could only snowplow, having lost any semblance of muscle tone over the past ten years. The difference his program has made in my life is almost unbelievable. Now I can't wait to get up in the morning, I enjoy my life like I haven't in the last 15 years and can actually ski again! Even though the fitness program was challenging, especially in the beginning, Brian made it fun to get up and go to the gym in the morning and during the evening, or whenever I could squeeze it into my schedule. It is seldom that I meet anyone with as much dedication and personal integrity that Brian has displayed in our short time working together. We completed 20 sessions and it was the best investment of my life."

- Laurel Bruns, Denver, CO

"I worked with Brian Wood as my personal trainer and during the 10 sessions with him I learned a lot about the importance of connecting diet with exercise. He taught me how to develop muscle memory and how to identify how my body should feel when I'm working certain muscles. During the time with Brian I lost five pounds and 2% body fat. I have developed a pattern of consistent exercise and have a variety of choices that will keep me exercising and not feeling bored. I appreciate all the help Brian gave me."

- Mary Karter, Portland, OR

"I would like to express my appreciation for the work that Brian Wood has done for me in helping me back on the road to fitness and greater strength. In ten sessions over four weeks I have lost 2% body fat, one inch from my waist, ½ inch from my hips, and seen improvement in all my measurements. My clothes are fitting better and my energy is increasing. The best news of all is the improvement in my back and left leg. I came to the club initially with residual pain and weakness from two episodes of ruptured disks at the base of my spine, and two discectomy surgeries ten months apart. Brian took my problem seriously, and showed me how to work those muscles without causing stress or additional pain. I never worried that he would push me to hard – he kept stressing that I could make slow, but steady progress. Indeed, I already have less pain, sleep much better at night, and am able to do things that I feared were lost to me."

- Dana Harden, Portland, OR

"I would like to take this opportunity to Commend Brian Wood on his Masterful Skills in handling me as my personal fitness trainer. I worked with Brian Wood for approximately 4 months in 2003. As a Permanently Disabled Survivor of a Traumatic Brain Injury, Brian was able to work with me to eliminate the residual Paralysis and was able to get me in Shape to embark upon my goal to hike into the Back Country of the Rocky Mountains. He was able to allow me the opportunity to hike 7 miles into the Mountains with a backpack. This has lifted my confidence and surely "moved" the Mark in my recovery of this Traumatic Injury. After years of Institutionalization, Brian made a big difference both with his ability as a Personal Fitness Trainer and also with the understanding of working with the disabled! He truly was a big inspiration to me, to work with me diligently to achieve my Goal. I have had Personal Trainers during my recovery process, but none had the expertise to achieve what Brian set out to do with me. He is an asset and I would highly recommend Brian to any person needing a Reference regarding his Ability as a personal Trainer of high caliber. Thank you Brian."

- Richard Costa, Westminster, CO

To Brian Wood: "I decided to send you a note about how much I've appreciated your help over the last four months. When we started I was a new mom that still looked pregnant. (You were just being nice when you said I didn't.) Since then I've lost 14 pounds and two clothes sizes. And even that is misleading because I know I'm much stronger and I've toned up a lot. I'm pretty sure I don't look pregnant anymore. Last fall I wanted to see a personal trainer because I knew I needed the discipline to stick with an exercise routine & I wasn't sure where to start. I had no intention of continuing as long as we have, but I really appreciate your attention to safety & your ability to change the workouts to fit my energy levels. I like the fact that you push me to do the squats & step-ups. And who knew that I could do 100 Russian twists without stopping? I know I would never have been so successful on my own. And like you said, I - like most people - needed some help knowing how to use the machines correctly. I like the fact that we've starting including aerobic training with the weight intervals. Maybe we can do more of your martial arts drills too, my legs always feel great after those."

- Tamara Schroder, Westminster, CO

Brian Wood worked with me as a guest clinician at the Rulon Gardner Summer Camp Series. I invited Brian at the request of his reputation for providing a unique Eastern approach to the sport of wrestling. Brian taught solid fundamentals of wrestling. He combined philosophy with technique in a way that is unique in the sport of wrestling. Brian's approach taught some important lessons about how to approach the mental challenges that wrestlers face. He taught warm-up, stretching, and strength building exercises that are unique in the sport of wrestling, but are very specific to the sport. The exercises build core muscle strength and balance that wrestlers need and use. It was a privilege working with Brian and I would recommend Brian as a camp clinician. I plan to continue to work with Brian.

- Cole Kelley
Camp Director (Rulon Gardner Olympic Summer Camp Series)

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Brian Wood for all his hard work this year with our baseball program. He is a very important part of our team and success. From a coach's perspective, I witnessed huge improvements in our teams strength, speed, endurance and mental approach. I really feel without Brian's training, we would not have been able to achieve the Conference Championship and play for a State Title. I would highly encourage any coach or individual athlete to enroll in Brian's program. The benefits and results along with the individual's hard work and coaching are the building blocks for success. I know our players, parents, and coaches are very thankful for all of Brian's knowledge and grateful for the relationships that were built this season. "

-John Stevens (Head Assistant Coach)
Wheat Ridge Farmers Baseball
League Champions / State Runner-Ups
2007 1st Place – Arizona Spring Break Tournament

"As an individual I attribute much of my personal success during my senior baseball season to Brian. Without Brian's guidance and training wisdom none of it would have been possible. As he had always told me, I've always had it within me. But it was he that helped me to believe in myself and taught me how to mentally approach the game of baseball as well as to utilize my body to its full potential while competing. Brian has the ability to take an athlete and push them to their true potential. He is an amazing person to be around and will take anyone who is willing to work hard and make them realize that their goals and dreams are within reach. But you must believe in them and in yourself in order to bring your dreams into fruition."

-Adam Doyle (Wheat Ridge Baseball)
2007 Jefferson County League MVP
2007 League Champions / State Runner-Ups
Selected 2007 All-Colorado Team
Selected 2007 Top 50 Game at Coors Field
5A Pitcher of the Year
2007 1st Place – Arizona Spring Break Tournament
Baseball Scholarship: Augustana College, Illinois

"Brian Wood has been a very key part in the success of myself as well as my teams. The training I have endured with Brian are essentials for anybody wanting to be and feel at their best. I have witnessed my strength, speed and endurance improve drastically throughout the last two years of training with him. With that, Brian has taught me the mental side of the game. And it was this part of my game that was lacking and I know now that it is just as if not more important that the physical aspects of training. I would highly recommend Brian to anyone or any team looking to take their game or their life to the next level. Thank you so much for all you have done for me."

-Beau Stevens (Wheat Ridge Farmers)
Football: Honorable Mention All-State
3x Honorable Mention All-Conference
2006 Mountain Plains League Champions
2006 4A State Champions
Baseball: 2007 League Champions / State Runner-Ups
2007 1st Place – Arizona Spring Break Tournament
2006, 2007 1st Team All-Conference – Pitcher
Baseball Scholarship – Eastern Arizona College

"Brian helped me in all aspects of my game, especially in my mental game. Through meditation and breathing techniques I really learned how to stay focused on and off the field. As for physically, I became 10 times stronger and more flexible than I ever have been before. I gained 4 MPH on my fastball and my endurance was enhanced tremendously through the intense but gratifying training that Brian put us through."

-Jeff Nadeau (Wheat Ridge Farmers)
Baseball: 2007 League Champions / State Runner-Ups
2007 1st Place – Arizona Spring Break Tournament
2007 2nd Team All-Conference - Pitcher
Baseball Scholarship – Eastern Arizona College

"Brian gave me the key components to improve my game dramatically. My body and mind were prepared for success and made me believe that anything is possible through preparation and time. And our Championship season is a testament to that."

-Matt Wright (Wheat Ridge Farmers)
2006-2007 Jefferson County Athlete of the Year
2007 Wheat Ridge High School Athlete of the Year
Football: 1st Team All-State, 2X 1st Team All-Conference
2006 Mountain Plains League Champions
2006 4A State Champions
Baseball: 2007 League Champions / State Runner-Ups
2007 1st Place – Arizona Spring Break Tournament
2007 1st Team All-Conference - Catcher

"Brian has helped me not only physically but has helped me reach a new level in mental strength. His knowledge in the entire realm of training is far superior to anyone I have worked with in the past. Through him I was able to really connect with my inner self and put myself in the right state of mind before every training session as well as every competition. Prior to training with Brian I had never used most of his methods but have easily realized the importance and benefit I received from learning them. The effort put into his trainees far exceeds that of any trainer I have worked with. I would recommend no trainer other than Brian Wood to anyone seeking the NEXT LEVEL in their sports."

-Everett Altman (Wheat Ridge Farmers)
Baseball: 2007 League Champions / State Runner-Ups
2006- 1st Team All-Conference; 1st Team All-State (Third Base)
2007- 2nd Team All-Conference; 1st Team All-State (Third Base)
All-Colorado Selection (Third Base)
2007 1st Place – Arizona Spring Break Tournament
Baseball Scholarship - South Mountain CC in Phoenix, AZ

"Brian Wood not only immensely improved my physical strength, but also enhanced my spiritual and mental strength. I learned how to push myself over the limit and make myself strong, fast and agile as possible. Also, I learned to control my emotions through meditation and visualization exercises. Our Championship season would not have been possible with Brian's help."

-Kenny Swanson (Wheat Ridge Farmers)
Baseball: 2007 League Champions / State 5A Runner-Ups
2007 1st Team All-Conference – Short Stop
2007 1st Place – Arizona Spring Break Tournament
Baseball Scholarship: Truman State College
(Kirkville, Missouri)

"Throughout my high school career I baseball I have struggled with pressure. I always knew I could make the big plays but wasn't mentally strong enough to make it happen. Things changed last year when I began working with Brian Wood. He taught me that the strongest part of my body was my mind and that I need to focus upon both physical and mental training to make the changes I needed. Once the season started, I struggled with the hitting part of my game. I asked Brian to take me through a meditation before the last game of our season to get my mind right. As the game progressed we got news that the League Championship was up for grabs between our team and Chatfield, who we were playing at the time. The game went into extra innings and I was without a hit the whole game. In the ninth inning I got my chance. There were two outs and we had a runner on second base. Before stepping into the batters box I went through the meditation that Brian had taught me. I stepped into the box and hit a double that scored the game-winning run. I was mentally tough that day and it continues still to this day. Brian's teachings have opened my mind and made my game that much better."

-Donald Bauer (Wheat Ridge Farmers)
Baseball: 2007 League Champions / State 5A Runner-Ups

"Brian Wood has been the personal team trainer for the Wheat Ridge High School Baseball Team since November, 2006. During this time the WRHS coaching staff has witnessed tremendous gains in flexibility, speed, agility and their mental approach to their athletic goals from each of the individual high school players. Without a doubt Brian's mental and physically preparation has helped Wheat Ridge High School earn its First League Championship in 15 years and a shot at the State Title."

-Adam Miller (Head Baseball Coach Wheat Ridge Farmers Baseball)
2007 League Champions / State Runner-Ups
2007 1st Place – Arizona Spring Break Tournament

"Over the past four months I have developed a professional relationship with Brian Wood as a fellow coach, as his client, and ultimately as his student. After many hours of training with Brian both personally and with my volleyball and basketball athletes, I have witnessed the benefits of Brian's approach to coaching and training manifested in my athletes and myself. I have learned the importance of creating one's reality through positive thought and energy.

Brian's impressive background and continued practice of his beliefs / training undoubtedly contribute to his ability to positively influence those under his instruction. Brian focuses on the power of the mind, body, and soul as a collective unit. He integrates these three entities to draw the most out of athletes, improving their performance physically through improving their endurance mentally.

The time Brian has given my athletes is irreplaceable. Brian draws more out of the girls in one-two hour(s) than I've ever seen another coach do in an entire season. He helps the girls appreciate the confidence, athleticism, and drive they already possess through his challenging workouts and invaluable meditations. As a coach, I respect, value, and utilize Brian's approach to instruction. I truly believe an athlete realizes his/her true potential through training mind, body, and soul. I appreciate Brian's pivotal role in helping me build my volleyball program and in motivating my athletes through his genuine investment in these young ladies' future.

After working with Brian for four months, I have come to understand my athletes and myself on a different level. We have all benefited from our work with Brian in physical performance and mental focus. My girls are faster, stronger, and ultimately more confident than they have ever been before. I look forward to continuing our training with Brian; he is an incredible asset to any program, coaching staff, and/or life of which he becomes a part. I would recommend Brian's involvement and instruction without reservation to athletes of any caliber."

- Meg Zarlengo
Wheat Ridge High School Head Volleyball Coach
Wheat Ridge High School Level III Basketball Coach
Rocky Mountain Rage Basketball Coach

This letter is to thank and recommend Brian Wood at the Next Level Training Facility. I heard about Brian from a student I used to coach who is now attending Wheat Ridge High School. He told me about the way Brian approached training and how it was different than anything else he had ever done. After utilizing Brian's training methods, Wheat Ridge won the State Football Title and then took second in the 5A State Baseball tournament. I again talked to the student and he attributed much of their success to Brian. I decided to see for myself and enrolled my 14-year-old football team into his program. I also decided to train with the players myself. After about a month of attending two workouts a week with Brian, I have seen drastic improvements in my team's attitude, self -confidence and willingness to work hard to succeed. By being involved in the workouts myself, I could tell it was unlike any training I could have given them out on the field. Brian utilizes yoga, wrestling, steps and weights and gears them towards each particular sport. He breaks down each exercise and explains why it will help you in your particular sport. I never thought my football team would be doing yoga before we started practice. After seeing the difference in balance, speed and agility it has brought my players, I am sold on it for life. We will continue to attend Brian's facility on Monday nights throughout our season. We are a small team with lots of speed and my plan is to go "no huddle" against our opponents and wear them down. With Brian's training and mental approach, I am confident we will have a very successful season. The one thing that's different this year is that the players believe in themselves more than ever. They feel confident against bigger teams and are excited to work hard to achieve the "Next Level". Thanks again Brian!

- Marc Bellacosa
Senior League Head Coach, Bear Creek Midget Football
D'Evelyn Junior/Senior High Junior Baseball Director

"Since I have been training with Brian Wood, he has influenced my life quite positively. He has strengthened both mind and my physical abilities. Last year when I met him, my main goal was to become faster and I easily reached my goal by doing a circuit of many different things. For instance, sports yoga, cardio training, speed & agility and meditation all in the same session. He strengthened my mind so that I can identify issues early and heal my body when injured by using mediation to speed up recovery and or push through the pain when needed. With his help I have become much more flexible that I have ever been in m life. he has been very influential to my team and my personal abilities and is very much worth coming back and training with when I need to take things to the Next Level. Thanks for everything."

- Katie Guay
Wheat Ridge High School Basketball

"Brian Wood was hired as a teaching artist this summer to offer two days of yoga instruction and meditation workshops at Foothills Academy Summer Camp.

Brian combines the qualities of experienced, disciplined martial artist and patient, gentle teacher with a flowing ease that is appealing to staff and students alike. He clearly loves his art, as well as helping lead younger generations to appreciate and develop individual relationship with physical and meditative capacity.

I recommend Brian Wood for any physical education position."

- Cara Cruickshank
Foothills Academy Summer Camp Director

"You work very hard and have more heart than almost anyone I have ever met and I think that it's necessary for me to return the kindness and selflessness you have showed me. There's a saying that's goes, most of your greatest teachers in life are not in school. You are one of the greatest examples of that, and I'm sure that I am not the only one that you have affected so positively. You taught me discipline, strengthen, concentration and the will to be the best I can possibly be. Those are strong words but there is not fault in them. I don't believe that you can ever show someone too much appreciation, so again, thank you. You're a fighter through and through and I wish you the best in your new career."

- Sara Ditullio
Wheat Ridge High School Basketball and Lacrosse

"As a clinician, Brian has worked our camps for the past two years. He does an excellent job of demonstrating great technique while also stressing the urgency of taking care of yourself and your opportunities to compete at a high level. This past year, Brian did a wonderful job of adding yoga training to our camp systems. He did a great job of demonstrating the techniques and relaying the importance of yoga in wrestling. I think he did a great job of opening some eyes and made believers out of our campers.

Brian is a great public speaker. His personality and character attract not only the attention of the campers, but the parents as well. Brian Woods practices what he preaches as is evident by his physical and mental stature."

- Dave Vondy
Principal (Yuma High School)
Director (All-American Wrestling Camps)

"Anyone interested in moving up the Next Level shouldn't look past working with Brian Wood and studying Sports Yoga. I thought athletics revolved around lifting weights and running but when it came to flexibility it wasn't my concern. In just three weeks I could reach three inches past my toes on the forward bend stretch whereas before I couldn't touch my toes at all. Without a doubt, if you are serious about being the best athletes you can be sports yoga may be just what you need to reach your goals. It was for me.

- Nic Pade
Mesa State Football (Starter)
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