As a Private Contractor and Head Instructor, he began teaching for the YOSSI GOODMAN'S DJ Academy (Denver), one of seven in the United States.

He then instructed the Tablist Arts for Jeff Campbell (A.P.O.S.T.L.E.) at The Colorado Hip Hop Coalition, which is a Non-Profit Agency designed to help At-Risk Youth by uniting the Community and enhancing the Four Elements of Hip Hop Culture (DJ, EMCEE, GRAFFITI & B-BOY).

Teaching group and private tutorials about technical breakdowns of Scratch Composition he is opening the eyes of youth to the very hard to learn turntablist art-form.

He has also begun teaching students how to use the Interactive Digital/Vinyl Interface SERATO LIVE SCRATCH from RANE CORPORATION. By educating youth and professional musicians about the new revolutionary SERATO/RANE mixing interface

Seraiah is constantly evolving his own awareness of technology and expanding his knowledge base and love for music and education.

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