Seraiah was inspired by best friend and Professional Producer Aaron Perry (DJ Illnaughty - Fanbass Recordings) to utilize the blessings of technology to advance his musical dreams. He is in the process of learning production software like ABLETON and REASON while learning techniques and philosophies from some very talented up and coming producers. And in doing so he is combining live instrumentals, vocals, scratch effects with unique beat designs.

An unorthodox style of Breakbeat, Glitch Hop, Conscious Bass Music, World Bounce and Down Temple is on the horizon. Working closely with Emcees and Spoken Word Poets his collaboration efforts will be well worth the wait. With Album releases and singles on the way be prepared for a new style of scratch composition and intellectually thought provoking production with meditative properties where the listener transcends to higher states of consciousness all the while becoming one with the music.

He has worked with many Professional Bodybuilders Fitness Competitors and MMA Fighters doing Routine and Intro Music Mixes. Whatever the needs may be, Seraiah's experience and excellence make him one of the most sought after DJ's for competitive industries, performances and CHAMPIONSHIP MUSIC!

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As a Pro MMA fighter and professional trainer, most of my time is spent in preparation and maintenance of my own physical body as well as those I teach. Last year I was approved through Workers Comp as Pain and Rehab Specialist focusing on Eastern Healing Modalities. As a Qigong and Yoga practitioner I have been my best test subject concerning injuries and the painful rehabilitation sometimes involved. Understanding the benefits of Western medicine when it comes to acute and life threatening issues, I find it all to common that the prescriptions are usually pharmaceuticals and physical therapy designed to to slowly heal and milk the twisted system of insurance payment programs. Often people come to me and find quick results and steadfast self-motivation to heal themselves after wasting valuable time with lazy or uneducated therapists.

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