At the end of his senior year in high school he was urged by his best friend Mark Baca to begin writing his thought out on paper and express himself through writing. 19 years later the words, concepts and thoughts continue to flow from his mind, heart and soul.

"You will never be forgotten and your memory radiates eternally uniting with the divine energy.
R.I.P. Mark....I Love You and Miss You Dearly."

-Brian Seraiah Wood

With a soulful expression of self, Seraiah has his first book on the way filled with streams of consciousness, short stories and versatile poetic styles.

Bringing everything together by uniting rhythm, unique word play and emotional visualization, one can feel the energy that inspires the artist known as Seraiah. Stay Tuned for Many Future Releases Coming Soon!!


As a youth Seraiah was intrigued by music and the emotions that it can convey and express but he was to shy and stubborn to join choir and sing in front of peers. He now cultivates his voice and doesn't hide the fact that he loves to sing and experience new realms of his voice and expression.

Over the years he began imitating the voices of his favorite singers and artists and quickly realized he indeed had a good voice but needed to find his own tone instead of mimic others.

His style is that of no style and its hard to label his music in any way. One may be surprised to find him able to channel Opera & Classical, Tribal, RnB, Rapping, Pop, Metal & Rock.

Stay Tuned:
For The Upcoming Release with All Original Poetry and Lyrics!

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As I watched Ip Man 2 last night I felt a deep connection of understanding as to the true essence of Martial Arts and the sacrifice that one makes to manifest their dreams as well as survive the sad and demoralizing ways of humanity. He spoke if the spirit of Chinese Martial Arts and the integrity one develops from the ancient techniques and training. He spoke of how it's better to train for self-cultivation than the destruction of others even after the horrible treatment and eviction from the Japanese military. When forced to fight he fought for something much greater that title or purse and something much greater than winning a bout. He fought for the spirit of his culture and the honor of his people in defiance of tyranny and oppression and in doing so became a legend and still to this day his teachings came be found worldwide.

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