Brian "Seraiah" Wood's DRAGON TAO is reminiscent of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do in that it meshes many styles into one ever-evolving and expanding system.

DRAGON TAO is both Martial and Healing in Nature just like the Tao...Yin and Yang.

On the Martial side lies techniques and applications from traditional and authentic arts such as: Chinese Kung Fu (Shaolin & Wing Chun) Muay Thai and American Kickboxing, Western Boxing, Wrestling, Tai Chi, Gracie Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling, Pekiti Tirsia Kali Bladefighting (Philippines), Indonesian Silat and much more.

On the Healing side lies ancient systems such as: Chinese Qigong & Tai Chi, Yoga, Reiki, Meditation and Genetic Recoding.

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There are no upcoming mixed martial arts events for Seraiah.
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As a Pro MMA fighter and professional trainer, most of my time is spent in preparation and maintenance of my own physical body as well as those I teach. Last year I was approved through Workers Comp as Pain and Rehab Specialist focusing on Eastern Healing Modalities. As a Qigong and Yoga practitioner I have been my best test subject concerning injuries and the painful rehabilitation sometimes involved. Understanding the benefits of Western medicine when it comes to acute and life threatening issues, I find it all to common that the prescriptions are usually pharmaceuticals and physical therapy designed to to slowly heal and milk the twisted system of insurance payment programs. Often people come to me and find quick results and steadfast self-motivation to heal themselves after wasting valuable time with lazy or uneducated therapists.

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"As a clinician, Brian has worked our camps for the past two years. He does an excellent job of demonstrating great technique while also stressing the urgency of taking care of yourself and your opportunities to compete at a high level. This past year, Brian did a wonderful job of adding yoga training to our camp systems. He did a great job of demonstrating the techniques and relaying the importance of yoga in wrestling. I think he did a great job of opening some eyes and made believers out of our campers.

Brian is a great public speaker. His personality and character attract not only the attention of the campers, but the parents as well. Brian Woods practices what he preaches as is evident by his physical and mental stature."

- - Dave Vondy
Principal (Yuma High School)
Director (All-American Wrestling Camps)